Sneak peek


Close up of snowmen display, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

You’ll have to wait until Monday to see everything. Everything isn’t up yet-not the tree until the weekend. I like to leave our tree up until ‘Little Christmas’-January 5th or so. It’s not real anyway.

We are getting pounded with rain, that cold drenching kind. We were going to a diner tonight, but Bri just went through McDs. Maybe next week. Right now we hope our basement stays dry!

May meet my mom at a farmer’s market for stocking stuffers, etc. tomorrow.

It was definitely one of those days to take a nap-which I did while trying to watch Ellen. I cuddled up and 15 minutes later the show was over. Try to go to her website and enter the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways. Today they all got Kindles-the portable readers-I was so jealous! Rachael Ray has some good giveaways too. Regis and Kelly are giving away a car in January, but you need to collect 7 of the 10 clues to enter.

Stay warm and dry!


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  1. Good morning dear Dianne:-)

    Finally have time to get caught up! I just love your snowman display and love the way you’ve got the lights under the “snow”, it makes everything look so soft.

    I almost had a disaster with my tree last night, I happened to look at it and it was leaning to the left and ready to tip over…I had to tie it to the door knob behind it! lol

    You’re getting rain and we keep getting snow! Today is the first day in a couple of weeks that we’re actually having sunshine but it’s frigid out there….0F as I type this.

    Looking forward to seeing your tree all decorated:-) xoxo

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