Darn Premonitions!


I do this all the time. I’m sure you do too. Like the other day I said to myself-‘I sure hope my teeth hold out for the next few months until the new year rolls around’. Did I get my wish-no! A large gum filling came lose after trying to eat meat from ‘that’ grocery store I complained about a few weeks back. I think the dentist will cut me a break if I get in there before the 3 months is up-of course that is around Thanksgiving. Now do I want to go to the dentist tomorrow or Wednesday-no! I don’t have pain and I have a hair appointment as I want to look younger on my birthday. : )
I have on a cute night gown I got at Wally World for $8. It’s watermelon pink with ‘Shine’ in silver letters surrounded my glittery stars. I got some slacks which are a little big. I need to take the waist in a little.
I was telling Bri I think the belly buster thingie helped my right shoulder blade (that bothered me off and on for 3 months) along with the muscle spasms in my stomach area. I try to wear it everyday as does he. He’s doing sit-ups and I think there is a difference in his tummy-it looks tighter!
So I’ll be going to my sister-in-law’s and then out with mom for a bit. I hope my tooth is good.


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