One final day of campaigning


Thank goodness.  We are so sick of ‘robocalls’, people knocking on our door, and the endless stream of campaign commercials. So very sick of it all. The person I was behind isn’t in the running, so I have to go with who I think is second best. I won’t be going to the polls after dinner tomorrow, as I’m not in the mood to stand in a long line. I’m going to try around 2 pm when people are at work. Bri said he isn’t going to wait forever, so that may be a wise thing for me to do.

I learned not to start up memes without some advertising. I have one friend who said she’ll do it next week (thanks Carole) and she has a huge following of bloggers. I think it will be fun to recommend books, movies, food, restaurants, etc. I have an archive tab above if you want to play today or whenever. Just link your blog in Mister Linky.

I went with Bri to see his dad yesterday. He seems so much better, yet a little more feeble. He’s still feisty and wants things his way in his house. That’s how my Uncle Don is too (they are the same age). I do think he should get someone in to clean a few times a month. Uncle Don at least has that and through an agency it isn’t that pricey. We got Bri’s dad a Boston Market dinner and then left to stop in our favorite big book store and go to Carrabba’s for dinner. They must have given me enough pasta for 3 people! I have some grilled chicken and pasta for lunch today!

Waiting on the mamm report. This time last year I heard about this many days later that I had to come back. I hope I just get something in the mail.

Update~ My mamm report came in the mail today and it was normal! Thank goodness. I hope this encourages you all to get checked out.

I’m also going to a new GI doctor on Friday just to discuss things with him. He’s suppose to be one of the best on the main line (of Philly). I feel I have hormonal imbalance (age related?)and food allergies. I don’t know what they do-I’m thinking more blood tests or that allergy patch test. Crossing fingers it won’t be anything more complex. I want to feel more like my old self as I’m sure I’ll have to get a job one of these days to help out. Our heating oil monthly payment went from $144 to $236! Isn’t that terrible?

Have a good week ahead. I’m anxious to hear about how you all make out at the polls.

I have to add a video link to this hysterical Saturday Night skit about a self help ‘video’ about putting more fire in your marriage. It’s a bit risque, but we never laughed so hard in a while! I figure people my age will get a kick out of it.

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  1. Almost all of Washington State votes by mail now doing away with waiting in long lines. For that I like it. DH and I usually sit down together and go through the voters’ pamphlet with our ballots. So yesterday afternoon we did just that and today he will deliver them to the auditor’s office which is just around the corner from us. If an election is very close, we may not know the winner for several days – and we’re expecting just such an election for governor this year.

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