This is October?


The outside is beckoning for me with these kinds of temps. Actually, it’s a bit warm to do stuff that is too strenuous, but I guess I can hose down the items in the last post!

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian neighbors! Also Happy Birthday to my pal Carole (at Pea’s Corner) who is celebrating both Thanksgiving and her birthday today.

I was invited to her tea party and graciously attended!

Rant-Last weekend I helped Sean with a summary. I didn’t rewrite the paper, just suggest wording and order-he still got a ‘C’! The prof is just too picky or narrow minded. Sean is to read a 6+ page paper that is mostly about research. The prof already gives his summary of the article and then asks the class to answer a question or two in 200 words or less. To think he will be happy to get a ‘C’ is sad. Too bad the prof is treating seniors like freshman. I feel bad because Sean really tried hard this last time around. And to think he has the same prof next semester!


I think I’ll be finished a cross stitched piece tonight after over 2 months of working on it. I’m so ready to do something else!

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  1. Just my two cents worth, Dianne, but Sean really should schedule a meeing with this professor to find out what is going wrong, especially if he has the same guy next year.

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