October Nasturtiums


October Nasturtiums, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Not to bump my Photo Hunt (which no one seems to comment on anymore), but I was amazed to see all these amazing colors of nasturtiums while I walked the cat last night. I had to run in and grab the camera. If anyone wants any seeds, I’m trying to save them as I find them.
Today I dug up about 5 or so clumps of irises and separated them into about 25-30 individual plants. Not an easy task. I replanted about 20 and almost had a heat stroke (it’s in the 70s today). Bri did help me rake the bed out. I had a hayfever attack beforehand. I’m so happy to save my beautiful flowers and get more! I’m going to need a bigger garden soon!

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  1. I have some nasturtium seeds I bought from a little old lady at a garage sale that I need to plant. I want to see how they do over the cooler winter months. Thanks for reminding me of them. Yours are beautiful!

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