Show & Tell #8


This is my Barbie case from 1968 or so (I may have gotten it between 1968-1970)

Here are the ‘girls’ and guy(!) that were inside: one Barbie, three Francies, 2 Stacies and one Skipper. I believe Skipper was one of that last Mattel dolls I got. GI Joe is missing his hands. Not sure why he is in there, maybe my younger brother put him in there.

And here are some of the clothes. I thought I had more than this, but maybe they weren’t put away and got tossed. Remember, all these things are probably at least 40 years old!

I plan to clean them up a bit before I put them away today. I’ll pretend I’m 9 again. I need to think this way sometimes, don’t you?


So I am a bit bummed as one of my favorite places to go online looks like it dissolved today. no longer has a web address. One of my friends there joined Facebook to find me. I have meet some awesome people there, some I know are friends for life. My good friends also have Flickr and Facebook accounts.


And to save the best for last….look what Lee for Lake Stitcher sent me in the mail yesterday, a day I needed a bit of sunshine:

It’s a covered Altoid’s tin filled with chamomile tea because she knows my tummy acts up once in a while. I so appreciate the thoughtfulness from a fellow Pennsylvanian. She told me to keep my chin up in this interesting time of our life when parents and hormonal changes can bring you down. Thanks again Lee!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Those Barbies bring back so many memories! I can almost smell those little rubber boots! You certainly took good care of your things all these years. I think I still have some Barbies and a case somewhere at my mother’s house. Now you’ve given me the bug to look for them!

  2. You’re welcome, darlin’!

    I had loads of Barbies, too, but always coveted my sister’s Francie. She just seemed….cuter.

    We had Barbie, Midge, Ken, Alan, Skipper, Scooter, Francie, Stacy, and the boy that went with Skipper and Scooter…don’t remember his name. And who was the one younger than Skipper? She had freckles….

    They’re long gone. I had two younger sisters, so they were pretty worn out and used up by the time we were all through with them!

  3. What a sweet thought in that tea bag cover! I had that Barbie case, and some of those Barbies (and Gi Joe:). Mine didn’t survive! Enjoy being 9 today! Hope your weekend goes well for you!

  4. That is such a cute cover on the tin. She is a thoughtful friend. My granddaughters would love all of those dolls. They look in great shape.

  5. Growing up I had a blond Barbie and my cousin had a brunette Barbie. My grandma sewed clothes for herself and us. It never failed if she bought material to make her a new dress she got enough to make Becky and me a new dress also. The funny thing was she used the scraps to make our Barbies a dress also.

  6. Hello I loved your Barbie post because I collect Vintage Barbies! I have every one from 1959 through 1970 plus all their clothes. Alot of mine are mint in the box. I had my first Barbie in 1959 so to this day, I still enjoy playing with them with my Grandkids!

  7. You have some great Barbie stuff!! Lindsey at Two Crazy Crafters has a great Barbie collection too! You’ll have to check hers out.

    That was sweet of your friend to send you the little tea gift! Sometimes those little things can make us feel so much better when everything isn’t going right.

    I wish the nuns would of looked like Sally Fields. They were definitely more like a grumpier Mother Superior!!

    Have a great weekend Dianne!

  8. I have a small collection of red headed barbies (I bet you can guess why!) and a good deal of clothes, shoes and accessories for them. They’re in storage now, mostly because I’ve discovered that children who visit you don’t distinguish between collectibles and things they can play with – it’s all toys to them. LOL

  9. What a great way to cover an altoid tin! I love it.

    You really did have a lot of Barbie and Friends dolls. Sometimes I like to get my Barbie out and play with her, too. 🙂

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