Show & Tell #6


Holly Hobbie Embroidery, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Here’s one of my first ever completed needlework pieces that I did way back in 1976 when I was about 16 going on 17. As you can see, I used a film camera to photograph Miss Holly Hobbie. I think she’s pretty nicely done for a 16 yr old, though I believe I used 6 strands of floss where I should have used 3 to 4. Now she is hanging in my guest room, a yellow room. She wasn’t framed until 25 yrs or so after she was embroidered.

These are little Holly Hobbie plaques I found at a yard sale and thought they looked nice with my framed piece.

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  1. I remember Holly Hobbie from the ’70’s! You did a great job on your cross stitch. I did cross stitch for a few years but needle work just isn’t my niche!

  2. I have very fond memories of Holly Hobbie, kind of a modern Bonnet Sue, Laura Ingalls cross-great marketing! Good for you digging it out-framing it up-and putting it where all can enjoy it!

  3. She is just adorable, whether you were 16 or 40 years old. What talent you have, Dianne!

    To answer your question, no Sept. 18 is not my BD. But I can see why you might think that.

    It looks like you had a nice vacation. Tomorrow there is one of those airplane shows in my town. I was considering going, but now that it’s Friday, I am not sure I want to. I really like to stay home on the weekends, unless I am off on a getaway.

  4. Wow, I used to secretly love Holly Hobbie … but I was such an awful tomboy that I couldn’t admit to it back then! Your framed piece is really beautiful – how special that you have this first piece hanging in your own home!

  5. I remember all the Holly Hobbie things, bedspreads, curtains,
    figurines,dolls. She was cute. You did a wonderful job on
    your Holly needlework, it looks super good framed!

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