Happy Independence Day!


(If you’d like this as a desktop, click on the above image and then save the largest version to your computer).

Some ATCs-I made 4 altogether:

Celebrate for the 4th of July ATC

National Pride for the 4th of July ATC

Oh…and the tomato tepees are working-so far-that’s if they don’t get too much bigger. Bri didn’t put the mulch down thick enough and we have weeds galore. That’s his job, I have enough flowerbeds to weed. I do ‘clip’ up the tomatoes. The clips were suggested by Martha Stewart and they work really well. They are clipped to cording that is attached to the top of the tepee and a long nail in the ground.

I plan to make baby back ribs, wings, coconut shrimp (the wings and shrimp are prepackaged), green bean salad, cucumber salad and potato salad. I may toss a pan of brownies or lemon squares in the oven for dessert. Yum!

The weather is iffy, but I may go to the fireworks to try and get some photos as I was inspired by a few I saw on Flickr. We’ll see. All that cooking is tiring. : )

Have a blast!!!

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  1. I read one of your comments on another blog that you have American Chestnuts and are not happy with them. Here’s a website where you might find someone to come and take them off your hands!! American Chestnuts are almost extinct.


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