Sean got the internship!


That is the high point of our day! The woman who interviewed Sean called today at 2:30. He was at the elementary school moving desks, etc., so he got back to her when he got home. He starts on Monday. He’ll have to tell the school district now. He asked how he should tell them and I suggested to say that he’s been looking for an internship for a few months and this opportunity came up and he wanted to take it so he wouldn’t have to do it when he has classes. Sound good? He only has a few pairs of ‘dress’ pants, so he’ll have to purchase a few more pairs. Yippee! He’ll be working in my hometown too.

Here’s a wonderfully scented Starglazer Lily that I just found blooming:

And I am loving the Delphinium:

The nasturtiums from seed are starting to bloom too-

And here are Martha Stewart’s idea for tomato tepees. Not as good as Martha’s, but they are working-so far:

I am doing some Patriotic ATCs too:

It’s hard to see, but the letters on the left spell out ‘July’. I wanted Shirley to look like she was in a parade in a city.

I’ll be going to mom’s tomorrow with Sean. He’ll drop me off. He has two more classes. Over the weekend, he had to fix his resume, cover letter and another paper that he wanted a higher grade on. He is working on a 5-6 page paper about hurricanes and their affects on climate change. He’s up to about page 4. This is due on Thursday. He has his work cut out for him.

By the way, over on the right is a new video I made showing my color changing mushroom lights and pond lights. There’s music too!

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  1. Congratulations to Sean!

    If you’re looking for dress pants for him, check Sam’s Club. (If you don’t have a membership, have someone that does take you – it’s well worth it!) They have a ton of nice pant for men that are really inexpensive – $14-20 a pair! DH got quite a few there and they look great. You might also want to take a trip out to the outlets in Lancaster – check out Van Heusen and Geoffrey Beane.

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