I’m so proud!


First my lettuce!

Had some in our shrimp salad boats (hot dog rolls) for dinner tonight. Lots more left too.

And where I snipped it from, the garden in an old tractor tire:

I didn’t pull it out, I snipped it with my kitchen scissors. I plan to do that again before our heat wave arrives as it may bolt. I also have nasturtiums in there. I have nasturtiums everywhere! I just found two more packs of them and decided to add them to flowerpots and in the ground all over the yard.

Then I assembled this cross stitch flat fold for my friend’s upcoming birthday (I don’t think she reads my blog). She’s from Birdsboro, PA and I thought this was perfect. It took me about 3 weeks (exclusively, but not that many hours each evening). It’s a The Prairie Schooler design. Shrinking the photo made it look a bit distorted:

Here’s the backing material. I am glad it matched the design so well as I had bought it years ago!

My garden across from the front door is looking good. The large plant is coreopsis:

Mom suggested floating the fallen begonia blossoms (from the heavy rain) in my different birdbaths:

Peonies are so gorgeous and last such a short time, but unfortunately, both my shrubs had one only bloom this year. Any ideas why? The leaves are healthy!

And last but not least, a cool plant called ‘Spiralis’ surrounded by portacula:

Yes, we are expecting a heat wave starting Saturday-ugh! Got to be expected. I am sure it will boost seed growth. I did weed out my seed only garden of zinnias, etc. and I see more of them all then I thought. Whew.

Sean will cut the grass tomorrow. I asked him to get out the weed whacker to do a few areas. He bought it for me, but it’s for a taller person, or I just can’t handle it well. I loved my little Toro one that I had for about 15+ years and it just fizzled out.

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  1. Oh that lettuce looks yummy! And the flowers in the bird baths are so pretty – and funny! Your birds must think they’ve really got five-star accomodations! LOL!

    GREAT job on the flat fold for your friend’s birthday!!!

  2. Oh, your lettuce looks wonderful! I bet it was yummy!
    And all your flowers and beds looks stunning!
    We’re in the heat wave so its only fair that we share 😉
    It stinks….

  3. I don’t know if you’ll even see this comment, but which Prairie Schooler pattern did you use for “When Friends Meet?” I have a ton of their patterns and I can’t locate it, and I’d like to try to find it on eBay if you can tell me its name. Thanks!!!

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