How sweet it is


…to be 60 years old! Congrats James Taylor, my favorite singer. I was around on the internet when JT turned 50 and emailed the webmaster of his unofficial site some old photos I had. One or two got used in a card that was made for James! This year, I made my own. I use both Paint Shop Pro 7 and Adobe-switch back and forth. The photo of him playing a banjo was on his sister Kate’s website. (the bigger version is in flickr).

JT 60th

I bought my 1st JT lp when I was about 13 when my mom let my brother and me pick out what we wanted in JC Penneys. I believe it was ‘Sweet Baby James’ and Don picked out either Carol King or Joni Mitchell. I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve seen him 4 times over the years. I know people who have seen him dozens of times. Garth Brooks named his daughter Taylor after him and Melina Kanakaredes is a fan too. I admire his kids and his family too. What’s my favorite JT song-I really love the sound of ‘Only A Dream in Rio’. I like ‘Line ’em up’ and ‘October Road’ too. And the oldies. What can I say?

JT special achievements:

Grammy Awards

Kenny Loggins just turned 60 too!

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