Not quite the calm after the storm


Please notice the face of ‘God’ in the clouds. : )
This is what Brian captured around 3:30 this afternoon after several torrential downpours. Now the wind is fierce. So fierce it knocked out the power at church about 15 minutes into the service. Talk about eerie! It’s interesting listening to all the different singing voices when there is no musical accompaniment!
We ran down to the Five Guys burgers and noticed the temperature had dropped. Man, those are great burgers and fries! Mom called to say she lost power about the same time as the church did. Weird.
I am finishing up the zebras quilt square, well they are finished, but I have the grass and letters to do.
Here’s a few ATCs I made out of junk mail. It’s amazing how you can be inspired by what you are about to throw away!
Expedition ATC

Passport ATC
American Express (passport background and world letters) and Macy’s (women’s face)

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  1. I saw the it right away as I was scanning all the blogs I’ve missed out over the past week! Beautiful pic Dianne! I had to stop and comment that I saw it!!!

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