Mom seems happier


Well, maybe it’s because some of the weight of the world is off her little shoulders. It still irks me to see the dumpster there and know some things could have been rescued, but seeing her more like her old sense warms my heart. I hadn’t been down to her house for almost a month. In that time the furniture got moved around in her living room and it looks much larger. The kitchen is staying nice. Ken bought mom some nice metal shelves (on wheels) and her microwave is on it and lots of canned goods.  I didn’t help her sort things today, we went to JoAnn’s so I could use the 40% off coupon and buy myself some goodies in the form of papers, stampers and stickers. I want to redo my mantel’s garland and found pretty pink, maybe dogwood blossoms to use. We bought some Five Guys burgers and fries and off I went. I was almost home when my low fuel light came on and I had to stop in the brutal wind and get gas. I will help her next Wednesday after I get my hair done.

We are suppose to have wacky weather in the afternoon. I guess I will do a small  ‘Wipe it Clean Wednesday’ to make up for not doing ‘Toss it Tuesday’ yesterday.

Don’t waste your time renting Knocked Up. I was surprised at Katherine Heigl and all the ‘f’ bombs and just everything! I don’t really think middle class people drop it like they did in the movie. And the guys and all their references to their little pals-you get my drift. Since my mom (!) bought it, I thought Bri and I would watch it as I like Katherine in Gray’s Anatomy.  She heard it was good, but I think the name of the movie would make me put it back on the shelf.

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  1. Having clear spaces here at home makes me feel better too, even tho it’s difficult to get rid of stuff sometimes. Glad your mom seems like her ol’ self. 🙂

    I haven’t seen KU and don’t plan to. My reaction would be like yours.

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