Guess who?


The early 1980s…
About 1982
My Princess Diana look!

Me at Longwood Gardens
Gee, to be that thin again! I was looking through some old albums and these caught my eye. I was at Longwood Gardens in the second shot. Who knew I’d live so close a few years later?
I managed to wrap almost all the gifts-it took me about 2.5 hours Monday night and then about 1/2 hour Tuesday. I am missing some big gifts that haven’t arrived yet-hurry up! LOL I don’t add bows and ribbons until the last minute as they fall off or get flattened. I’ll show you the pretty papers when they are nicely arranged under the tree.
I had to return a gift to TJ Maxx that was too small for my niece. I should stay away from that store. I got a new rug for under the computer desk, a new pillow and a few more ornaments. Naughty. I’m naughty for staying up so late as I have a baking schedule to adhere to. I am pretty zonked. I went through about 80 blogs in the Christmas tour of homes. I’m trying to catch up!

Update-Since I have that coupon printer installed, I did a search and found a few places where you can print out coupons! One is I like it because you don’t have to sign up, but if you add your zip code, you get more to choose from. Some coupons even come with recipe ideas! You can’t beat that!

Not sure if I’m fighting a sore throat, but it hurts in just one spot. I’m going to bake this afternoon and take it easy tonight.

Both our parents are causing us worry lately. My mom has been having some dizzy spells. She thinks from lack of eating, well that makes sense. She is also borderline diabetic. I suggested she have a small glass of orange juice in the morning when she first gets up. Brian’s dad fell down getting gas (at night) and felt like he had something stuck in his throat. He was eating on the bus coming home from Atlantic City and has no beverage. He’s had this happen before. I believe he gets panicky which makes his throat tighten up more. I think we’ve all done that.

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  1. Dianne, you and Brian are so adorable in these photos! And suddenly I see how much Sean looks like his dad – at first I thought these were some pictures of Sean and a new girlfriend! LOL!!!

  2. What a cute couple!

    I noticed how your pink blouse matched the flowers in the background. You really did have that Princess Di look.

    I love your little Norfolk Pine tree in the post below. You really did make the best of what you had.

    I do remember how that cinnamon color of your curtains was all the rage. I know I loved it–still do actually.

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