The Mercer Museum


Mercer MuseumUp in Bucks County, a few hours away, is a wonderful museum located in Doylestown. This area is one of my favorites and the museum is a ‘must see’ for those exploring Bucks (along with New Hope). I’ve been there twice, as has Brian. We took Sean up there a few years ago on his birthday. Instead of having parties, we take day trips for our birthdays. Mine are usually to either Dover, DE or New Hope.

Henry Mercer collected artifacts from all over the country and built this humongous structure to house it all. Each floor has several different areas of interest displayed in glass encased rooms. I know I mentioned this before, but it’s really a cool place. How many Conestoga wagons does one see in our lifetime, especially ones hanging from a ceiling! The one room with the medical instruments (if you can call most of them that) was frightening and I’m so glad I live in modern day American. We actually walked under gallows-chilling.

So if you get a chance to explore PA., drop by the Mercer Museum.

Inside the concrete palace

Feeling better-went looking for tummy med and found Equalactin and that seems to have made the burn go away. I had other stronger stuff but it was all expired. Most of thet time I try mint or ginger first before resorting to medicine.

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  1. Glad to hear that your tummy is feeling better. Love the picture of the museum and would love to go …. maybe someday!

  2. Hope you keep feeling better! I know what you mean about those medical instruments they use to have in the old days….more like torture instruments! lol

  3. Dianne, this is too funny. You seem to be hitting all of the spots from my past! I went to Mercer Museum on an elementary school field trip, which would have been about 40 years ago.

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