Want some?


Excuse my paper plate…
Just like what my grandmom use to make-creamed dried beef. I think most people know what it is-dried beef cooked in butter and then doused with flour-you make like a roux. Finally the milk is added. Serve it over toast with lots of pepper. My choice of beverage-root beer! It’s a Pennsylvania treat for sure. Others-scrapple-made out of weird piggy or turkey’leftovers’, and I did eat it down the shore; cornmeal mush which is only sold in the winter in these parts and something Lee over at Lake Stitcher brought up-Taylor’s Pork roll. Such diet defying foods. What I made for Sean and me-the creamed dried beef had a bit of butter, but I used wheat bread and low fat milk.
The bread maker machine is on! It works-so far. I’m making Italian herb bread from a mix. It looks like it is rising pretty good. : )

Creamed dried beef

Here’s the bread! It rose pretty well and had partial collapse of the top when it was baking. Sean couldn’t wait to dive in  and it’s really good!

We have bread!

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  1. My mom make Creamed chipped beef a lot when we were kids. No doubt because it was incredibly easy! I think she added peas, though. Mom’s idea of good nutrition….

    I’ve tried scrapple, but I don’t crave it like some Eastern PA folks that I know. My mom and grandmother loved it.

    I loved the tangy flavor of Taylor Pork roll, and the way they’d cut it so that the edges would curl up when it was fried! I love Lebanon Bologna, too.

    I have to say that I think East Coast cities, New York and Philly in particular, have the best food in the world. I’ve lived in the Pittsburgh area for over 25 years, and it just can’t compare.

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