Backyard Visitor


Every morning when I go out in the kitchen, I pull the door curtains over for a view of the backyard. To my surprise, this pretty doe was curled up near the edge of the bank. The leaves and brush were camouflaging her well. She(assuming it was a she) stared and stared at the door. I moved to the dining room, her eyes followed me. I went and got my phone camera, but I had to get out the zoom lens so I could see every detail of this lovely lady.

deer14emb She stayed about 15 minutes and then went down the hill. We are thinking she was with her herd and a hunter or someone spooked them and she ended up in the backyard. She is not the first one to hang around. The last one was injured by an arrow and died in my neighbor’s yard, probably from an infection.

I love to see these soulful creatures up close.

Mega geocaching event in New Jersey

Mega geocaching event in New Jersey

I was looking through my feed on Facebook Friday night and saw where a few geocaching pals were up in Roselle, NJ at a pre-bash function for a mega event. A mega event is something every cacher wants to attend. If over 500 people sign up for an event, it turns into a mega event! It was a Metro-gathering, meaning people from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and even Delaware and Maryland could attend. I was thinking about it all evening and when Sean got up in the morning, he asked if I wanted to go and I said sure! It’s not around the corner, over 125 miles one way, mostly up the turnpike. I started to text a pal who was on her way there. When she got there she said to come on up as it wasn’t overwhelming crowded. I know a few seasoned cachers said in the log for the cache event that it was their first mega event! We wished we had planned this better as we left past 11:30. We stopped at a McDonald’s near Sean’s work to use the bathroom and decided to grab a wrap. Then Sean wanted me to help him find a cache that eluded him on previous looks. I saw it was in a tree and looked for something hanging down. We found it after a few minutes.

We got to the park about 2:45. We got a ‘tricky tray’ ticket for a prize and then we had to pick a prize. They really outdid themselves! I picked a big ammo box and Sean a cammoed backpack. We didn’t win as far as we knew. We’re thinking a lot of people had left and maybe they had to chose other winners. We decided to do some caches instead of waiting to see if we really did win anything.


We were all bundled up. Love my faux fleece coat. I wasn’t cold at all. I think it was about 40 degrees. I swear my shadow on the world’s biggest trackable coin looks just like my grandmom Ruth. (Miss her and think about her!) She is always with me. Anyway, you can see the tracking number and surely you can say you discovered the coin on my blog!


We were very close to Manhattan-about 1/2 an hour.


I can’t mention a place as Sean is ready to go! He is so glad to have his weekends off. It would be awesome for him to meet a lady cacher his age. Maybe someday! I know a few people who met through caching!

So we also ‘found’ the mega cache. They were hoping to break a record by having the most log entries in one day. Hope they did it. Need to add the photo.

They was a statue of the Liberty where you could pose too.


We went around and did some new geocaches in Warinanco park where the event was held. Getting there so late, we lost sunlight quickly. We didn’t get to really see the lake. We met up with some guys at a ‘lookout’ or a place to stand and admire the lake. They found the cache first. We found about 6 altogether.


Sean lightened this up. The hint was something like don’t overlook a pile of sticks. We got to ground zero and I started moving logs and branches and Sean saw this! They had drilled a hole in it for the cache! Very clever.

I bought a blue sweat shirt with the logo on it from the event plus a sticker for my car. Sean bought a bison tube and this little mini ammo box for me. It’s so cute!


We only saw a few people that we knew indirectly. I said, wow you look cold! The one lady, who I had talked to at a few events walked right past me, but another lady chatted with us a bit. The guy with them has a big event every year and didn’t say anything either. Wow, that was rude. It’s not often you see people you can point out in a crowd so far away from home.

We also got a few lab caches which are caches associated with the event that get taken down. I love learning about different places and we would like to see Roselle again some other time. Brian and I are up to over 700 finds. Not bad for ‘sometimes’ cachers. Sean is approaching 400.

I will plan our itinerary for our trip in a few months so we can see places and grab some caches in the states we need. I can’t wait to see a southern style Christmas!

Day trip to Bucks Co. and Lambertville, NJ for Sean’s 28th b/d


Over the years, we drive up to scenic Bucks County and Peddler’s Village to eat at the Cock n’ Bull restaurant brunch buffet. Usually it is for Sean’s birthday in October. I mentioned going there last week and we headed up there yet again!

It was a cool and brisk day. Sean was driving and he decided to head up the I-95 way. It was pretty fast, but  I like the slower way seeing the other towns along the way and the scenery.

We walked around the shopping village and checked out a few stores. I was not really up to walking around a lot.BucksCo1014 009

We saw this ‘character’ who was spot on.

Run Forrest run!

Run Forrest run!

Sean posing with a scarecrow based on a Transformer character!

Sean posing with a scarecrow based on a Transformer character!

It’s fun to see all the scarecrows they have at this time of year. The different stores and restaurants create them. There were all the characters from ‘Frozen’ including two Olafs.

A 4 yr old made this Olaf!

A 4 yr old made this Olaf!

We then headed to Lambertville, NJ. We did a few caches in the village area. There was one on the wrought iron piece of a hanging plant holder right near a busy walk way! They are the tiny magnetic nanos that are smaller than a dime!

I love Instagram and was taking a photo of one of the beautiful doors of this church in Lambertville. Sean adds to his Instagram a lot too!

I love Instagram and was taking a photo of one of the beautiful doors of this church in Lambertville. Sean adds to his Instagram a lot too!

BucksCo1014 026

How pretty is this porch in Lambertville with the wrought iron and plants.

Here's a canal in NJ! We found a cache that was a fake bolt right near here.

Here’s a canal in NJ! We found a cache that was a fake bolt right near here.

The bridge to Pennsylvania!

The bridge to Pennsylvania!

Flowers along the train tracks.

Flowers along the train tracks.

BucksCo1014 038

We took a little drive over to Doylestown, PA before it got dark. I love movie marquees and this was a nice one.

BucksCo1014 041

BucksCo1014 048

We ended our day with 7 found caches and a late dinner at yet another IHOP.

Exploring new and old places


Hershey Gardens daytrip


A pain in the knee

A pain in the knee

Sorry I have been MIA. I have had knee issues since I posted about the 80s flashback band last month. That night, back in the middle of July, we stood watching for over 2 hours. Afterwards, we located a geocache in a lamp skirt which I knelt to retrieve and must have twisted the ligament to the right of my left knee. I started to wrap it in an Ace bandage and even went to Urgent care about it as I thought it had to be worse than a strained ligament.

On August 2nd, we went to the Billy Joel concert at Citizen’s Bank Park, usually home of the Phillies. I had my knee wrapped and as we (Brian) crossed the street to the venue, I felt my knee pop! And the pain was awful! I debated what to do, but there was Gavin DeGraw, Billy’s opening opening act singing his heart out. We were at the 1st base area and needed to get to the 3rd base. I believe it took me a good 45 minutes to hobble there. Then I had to face steps and step over a few people. I look back at all that and do not know how I did it.



This was our view for the Billy Joel concert. I thought our tickets would have been a bit better since I ordered them in March and the price we paid. That is a yellow pole we looked around.

So if was even rougher getting back to the car. We should have gotten a wheelchair. We walked right past the medic room. It was so crowded, I didn’t want to make a scene. I was in tears and had to stop many, many times.

When we got home I was crying out in pain when I tried to get out of the car. I decided I could wait until the morning for it to get looked at. I learned to slide along when I had to go to the bathroom.

Sean took me to the ER about 1:00 pm. After x-rays, they agreed with the Urgent care, that it was a strain. I got ‘stabilized’ in a long leg brace and given a walker! I decided to go to the orthopedic doctor and he thought where it was hurting me was maybe a torn meniscus. They need to be operated on. Oh great. He ordered an MRI., The day before the MRI, we took a drive up to Hershey Gardens with my mom. I had gotten tickets that were going to expire. I had visions of both of us being pushed in a wheelchair. We did get one wheelchair, but I had to switch out with mom half way through! I was stopping in pain every 10 minutes. We had a nice lunch right at the gardens, so that was nice. I feel like I put a damper on the trip, especially when we stopped at the museum and both mom and I said no to the 45 minute walking tour.  I will show some photos in my next blog post. It is a lovely place and next time I will be stronger when I go.

So I had the MRI, just my lower half was in it and my head could be outside of it. I went back to the ortho doc and it should no tear, but a twisted or pulled ligament. I was really surprised hearing this as it’s so painful. I hope he didn’t miss anything. He gave me a shot and it felt better maybe one day, but it gets stiff and achy. The doc recommended physical therapy and I guess I will have to go for it.

I decided not to go back to work with the kids at the church until maybe the end of September to the beginning of October. I am not strong enough to help out yet.

I also have to go to a GI specialist on Sept. 9th. I had blood work in June and some tests were high. I have Lyme disease and the tick bit me right near my liver. I have been having elevated readings since 1998. The GP wants me to get checked out, so I asked for the best liver doctor in the practice. I certainly watch myself for symptoms of a disease. I have gained, not lost weight because of menopause.My arthritis is worse and my teeth have been mostly capped.  I will be glad when that visit is over, but I won’t be surprised if he wants more blood work and a test.

Rest in peace Robin Williams. My heart is still sad. Thanks for the laughs and sharing your incredible talent all these years. 

Next-gorgeous Hershey Gardens!